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Our mission is to help and support companies to create and plan their digital communication and marketing strategy.

We are living in a unique period, where the digitalization of business is no more an ancillary strategy but an urgent need. Most of companies and organizations are not ready yet to fully exploit the potential of the digital transformation.

We design the channels using the last innovations in the fields of web design and user experience (UX).

We suggest the most suitable strategies for customer engagement and loyalty through website and social media.

We create the visibility through advanced techniques for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

Our final goal is to help our Clients generate business online.


The most delicate part in every digital and online project is to understand the goals and needs of the customer. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to define the requirements and design the strategy.

This means finding the best and most performing way to lead the customer to reach his goals, never forgetting constraints and specific needs.

We approach the strategy definition in two ways: the high-level one and the operative.

In the high-level strategy we drive and advise the Client towards the most effective digital marketing and communication strategy in order to allow him to exploit the full potential and opportunities of the digital revolution.

The operative strategy puts in action the high-level decisions. These decisions encompass all the marketing and communication channels from web design to email marketing; from technology to social media management.


Quality in development means for us high-level refinement standards, deadlines respected and time to market.

The magic trick is a combination of our scientific and innovative approach and our methodologies that enable to speed up the process, reduce complexity, create scalable solutions.

In our approach, the development is not only the technological side of the project, but we have an holistic vision. We see the development as the sum of all the needed activities to implement the strategy. This includes:

  • User-centered design and UX (User Experience);
  • Web design (full-responsive design);
  • Technological development using the most famous Content Management Systems (Drupal, eZ Publish, Wordpress, Magento for eCommerce and many others);
  • Usability testing;
  • Apps development both for iOS and Android.


Choosing the best way to reach the market is not a detail. Every product is unique and needs a specific voice, tone and frequency. This is not a detail: this is the nature and the foundation of effective digital marketing strategies.

Our long-term experience can guide the customer in taking the right way straight to his market. It is not important to be heard, it is important to be listened to. The execution is the activity in which leads and relations are generated.

A good execution allows to:

  • generate users traffic on your website thanks to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and, more in general, Pay-Per-Click campaigns (PPC);
  • manage the conversation in the social media landscape;
  • create engagement.

We measure constantly the effectiveness of the strategy applying the most suitable KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and we optimize the activities.


We offer custom-made trainings and coaching sessions to help companies to understand and master the digital transformation. The 4th industrial revolution is impacting in a way that is still underestimated by most of the companies. Our goal is to help them to:

  • understand how the ongoing disruptive revolution can completely change the internal and external organisational context;
  • identify the areas that need the digital transformation (business model, processes, products system, customer engagement, branding and more).

Our coaching, workshops and training sessions cover the following topics:

  • Assessment methods to prepare the digital transformation;
  • Types of innovations and how to master them;
  • Disruptive and innovative business models;
  • Digital, Social and Mobile marketing.

All the methodologies that we employ are research state-of-the-art. The training & coaching sessions are held in collaboration with experts from both the industry and the academic field.

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