Dedicated to companies & organizations that want to innovate through transformation.

We offer custom-made trainings and coaching sessions to help companies to understand and master the digital transformation.

The 4th industrial revolution is impacting in a way that is still underestimated by most of the companies. Our goal is to help them to: 

  • understand how the ongoing disruptive revolution can completely change the internal and external organisational context; 
  • identify the areas that need the digital transformation (business model, processes, products system, customer engagement, branding and more); 
  • learn the state-of-the art methodologies and best practices to master innovation management.

Our coaching, workshops and training sessions cover the following topics: 

  • Assessment methods to prepare the digital transformation;
  • Types of innovations and how to master them;
  • Disruptive and innovative business models;
  • Digital, Social and Mobile marketing. 

Advanced research methods only! 

All the methodologies that we employ are research state-of-the-art. 
The training & coaching sessions are held in collaboration with experts from both the industry and the academic field. 

Head of coaching: Luca Triacca, Ph.D.

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