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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activity enables the possibility to attract more organic traffic from the search engines.

To attract traffic in an organic way means to be able to rank in the first positions of the Search Result Page (SERP) without paying the search engine for the visibility.

The main goal of the SEO is not only to increase the traffic but also to attract people interested in the product/service offered (this is called “quality traffic”). 

There are several activities belonging to the SEO. In particular:  

Search Habits Analysis (Keyword analysis)

The SEO project takes its point of departure in a Keyword Analysis. Knowing what keywords drive converting traffic to your website is or should be the cornerstone in any search marketing activity.

The keyword analysis is a thorough study of your core keywords and phrases taking competition, search volume and much more into account. The aim is to find your most profitable generic, non-branded search terms for the SEO activities.

The Competitive Landscape

Your 20 focus keywords from the above Keyword Analysis alongside with your main 5 competitors are the basis to assess the competitive landscape – who are taking up the rankings on which keywords? Knowing this and a bunch of other insights enables you to define an SEO Strategy and plan the necessary tasks to reach your goals.

SEO Consultancy

We will support you in order to help set up strategic direction and provide hands-on advice on how to implement the defined SEO tasks such as writing SEO optimized content.

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