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Email marketing

Email marketing represents one of the most effective ways to reach the target audience and to keep the subscribers informed.

Nowadays, it is possible to implement advanced strategies using the most common email marketing platforms (mailchimp, mailjet etc.).

Thanks to the evolution of these platforms it is possible: 

  • to have a one-to-one tailored message; 
  • to segment your database of contacts using advanced criteria; 
  • to develop several variations of a message in order to understand the most efficient one (A/B Testing); 
  • to track the campaigns using advanced KPI (Key Performance Indicators); 
  • to implement transactional email strategies: the transactional email is the “communication” after a user action (for example the user that checkouts an order receives the confirmation by email. In the confirmation email it is possible to embed a new call-to-action: 10% discount on the offer XYZ). 

Email marketing is a very important part of the marketing automation.

With the correct approach and design it is possible to develop a unique and highly effective strategy that allows companies to reach very interesting results automating part of the process.

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