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KD Pharma Group

KD Pharma Group

KD PHARMA GROUP - The Omega-3 Solution Experts.

The KD Pharma Group has a great experience in creating custom omega-3 products. They are the only company in the world able of offering omega-3 concentrates up to 99% in purity.  The KD Pharma Group includes three companies: KD Pharma, Marine Ingredients and Innovagel. 

The project has been quite challenging: to design the Group Identity, the portal and the three companies websites in less than two months. Starting from the KD Pharma's identity and website, we designed an identity able to communicate the belonging to a Group and the uniqueness of each company. The portal gives easy access to the three corporates websites. 

Our Activities in a nutshell: 

  • Brand design (Group), brand re-design (companies). 
  • Information and navigation design 
  • Wireframes and UX design 
  • Full-responsive development using Drupal 8 as Content Management System (CMS) in multiple languages. 
  • SEO consultancy and supervision
  • Project management
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