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PRODIR: writing and advertising hand in hand.

Prodir is a internationally award-winning design of writing instruments. Their products turn pens into beautiful brand ambassadors and we helped them in turning their website into a brand ambassador. 

The project has been quite demanding because of Prodir’s unique positioning in the market. We started with an in depth requirements analysis and users’ persona definition. Then we sketched the user experience and the wireframes. The final step was the full-responsive implementation.  

From a visibility point of view, we have planned all the SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. The SEO is an ongoing activity and the results are quite impressive.  

Our Activities in a nutshell: 

  • Information and navigation design 
  • Wireframes and UX design 
  • Full-responsive development using Drupal 7 as Content Management System (CMS) in 6 languages. 
  • SEO consultancy and supervision
  • SEO copywriting of key pages 
  • Online competition analysis 
  • Project management
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